Welcome to the HIMSS State HIT Dashboard

HIMSS is conducting a survey to make HIMSS State Dashboard a better resource for you. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes and will be open until February 13, 2015. All of your answers are confidential and will only be used for research. Thank you in advance of your participation as we continue to strive to improve our resources. Take the survey now >>

Welcome to the HIMSS State HIT Dashboard - the premier resource of today's healthcare Information technology initiatives around the United States! The Dashboard provides an easy-to-read visual interface tracking key initiatives including Regional Extension Centers, Beacon Communities, the SHARP program, HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage7 recipients, HIMSS Davies Award recipients, Health Information Exchanges, State Legislation and HIMSS Chapters.

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Attention HIEs, HIOs and RECs: State level and non-state HIOs, HIE initiatives and Regional Extension Centers (RECs) are welcome to submit information to the HIT Dashboard. Please allow 20 minutes in order to complete the survey in one sitting.  All information is self-reported. 
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